Fine Art Photography
Landscape Photography of an expanse of rocks in the flat ocean at Island Bay, Wellington, New Zealand. Houses in the background, the moon rising up from behind a hill with its reflection on the water and street light beaming.
 - Moon Rise 
Island Bay - Wellington, New Zealand
Fine Art Photography of Taranaki Wharf, Wellington, New Zealand with a Charcoal Drawing of a Man on the central mooring post Fine Art Photography of Brooklyn Wind Turbine, Wellington, New Zealand. The motion of the blades and surrounding shrubs apparent. Fine Art Photography Outside the TSB Arena, Wellington, New Zealand. Fine Art Photography of an Airplane coming in to land Over the Ocean at Night. Wellington Airport, New Zealand Fine Art Photography of a teenager with his feet up just before the movie commences inside Reading Cinema, Courtney Place, Wellington, New Zealand. Fine Art Photography of An Ocean view through the window of the old NZRAF base, Shelly bay road, Wellington, New Zealand