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  As the prints are offered in various sizes, the printed image     does not go all the way to the edges of the paper. This      technique of centralizing the image on the paper also allows     the print to be mounted in an oversized frame without a mat    board for an alternative style of framing.  
                    The image on the left is an exact scaled down representation of                the largest available size showing its white border. If you are          purchasing a smaller size than the maximum, the size and shape of the white border may  differ as we are dictated to by standard paper sizes.
As soon as your order is with the courier you will recieve an email from ourselves informing you that the package is on its way.
Archival Chromogenic prints are produced by exposing an image onto photographic paper and then processing it through methods of photographic chemistry. This process was developed by Kodak in the 1940s and became a photographic standard soon after. The resulting prints from this technique offer superior colour saturation and fidelity with optimized resolution and contrast. The process also offers an extended color gamut for rich colors and attractive skin tones. Photo exhibitors and galleries the world over hold Chromogenics in high regard for it’s lifelong archival qualities and vivid print characteristics. Archival Chromogenic prints may also be referred to as C prints, Digital C prints and Lambda prints.
All prints are produced by digital exposure to light sensitive Kodak Professional Endura lustre finish paper. This process is known as Archival Chromogenic Printing.
All prints for sale are of a limited number totalling 150 per image. Once this number has been reached, the photograph will no longer be available for purchase and will be removed from the website. All prints are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, stating the title of the work, the edition number, print/paper type and date of printing. The Certificate is hand signed by me the artist.
All prints are free shipping worldwide. To provide the highest quality possible, I have a professional print house bring my work to completion. This means that before the prints can be despatched to you, they have to first be received by myself, inspected, titled, signed, repackaged and collected by the courrier.
Please allow 7-18 working days from order placed to receiving your prints.
Unfortunatly, due to various countries import system’s, we cannot be held responsible for any customs fee’s that your country may charge.
To guarantee that you always recieve the latest and highest print quality, each print is made when you order it. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase within a *45 day period, you can return it for a full refund or an exchange. Subject to the conditions noted below.
We want you to enjoy your order for years to come, to have wonderful memories associated with it and we do our best to make this happen with each and every purchase..
With regards to special order size’s, we cannot offer the above money back guarantee. However, we will work with you via email, showing comparison close up crop’s of a standard size against your desired size for approval before any committal on your part. We do not charge any extra for this service.
Once a refund has been authorised, the original paypal transaction will be reversed and you will have 100% of the purchase price returned to you.
16” x 24”
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Some of the images may be printed larger upon request. Please contact us with your requirements and we will do our best to help..
 - Chartreuse
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Endura is a resin coated paper that gives extraordinarily rich colours with great flesh tones, as well as the most intense blacks. This archival quality paper has a Kodak stated print longevity of up to 100 years in a typical home display and 200 years in dark storage. Kodak Professional Endura is an all-round winner for black & white and colour printing.
Kodak Professional Endura Paper
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Shipping and Delivery Times
The 45 days guarantee starts the day the item is shipped, thus giving you at the very least, 30 days from receiving the order to being satisfied with your purchase. Returns and refunds are subject to the items arriving back to us in their original packaging, in a resalable condition, free from finger prints, creases, tears and/or damage of anykind. Once recieved and inspected, making sure it is indeed in a resalable condition, we will then contact you via email for your choice of a full purchase price refund, or an exchange. Any costs associated with shipping the returns to us are to be covered by you the customer. The items sent to you are covered by postal insurance, so we require any returns to be covered by a similar insurance, usually provided by your choosen shipping carrier.
*45 Days Money Back Guarantee
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